The rich marine biodiversity of the tropics: Caribbean and Pacific Contexts

Topics Covered

Costa Rica’s geography: our volcanic and tectonic origin. A glance to our creation.

Geography and geology of our seabed: in the edge of the continental platform.

Costa Rica’s marine biology: diversity, threatened ecosystems, and challenges.

Oceanography; caribbean and pacific contexts. Visiting both oceans of Costa Rica to experience the difference between them participants can apply and increase their knowledge.

Protected areas in Costa Rica and its relevance to the marine life.

Marine ecosystems’ flora and fauna. Through boat trips, snorkeling, and/or scuba diving participants get immersed and actively interact with the biodiversity.

The Lion Fish in the Caribbean: characteristics & origin, impact & control program.

The venom present in the Lion Fish: a present research that helps the community to control the plague.

Mangroves: importance, types and current threats.

Marine energy: an ongoing Costa Rican government project.

Marine conservation programs in the Nicoya’s Gulf, pacific coast. How a whole local community is turning to conservation as their life-style and main economic activity.

The processing of the marine resources for the local and international economy.

Current environmental pressure in the Nicoya’s Gulf ecosystem.

Aquaculture oysters & red snapper projects, side projects to avoid extensive fishing.

An artificial coral reef: reason for existing, impact and uses.

The world of the turtles: why are they important in Costa Rica?

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