Environmental Protection

Topics Covered


Costa Rica’s context: military history, government, economic activities, geography, biodiversity, and culture.

Protected areas of Costa Rica, preserving our biodiversity with SINAC – National System of Conservation Areas: The importance behind the categorization.

The current environmental policies in Costa Rica and the history behind.

The CST: Tourist Sustainability Certificate. How this initiative has made a positive political impact on one of our largest economic activities.

PNUD environmental projects: Their challenges and achievements.

Fonafifo – The National Forest Financing Fund: history, the Sustainable Biodiversity Fund, challenges, and achievements.

New global trends and their presence in Costa Rica: permaculture, urban agriculture, and the organic products revolution.

Setena – National Technical Secretary: Institution in charge of the environmental impact assessments related with all the in-country development and construction.

Local associations that protect the environment and their projects. How and why locals get involved in these type of associations.

Curriculum Integration

We are characterized by our highly cooperative way to design study abroad programs for all types of courses and professors, any time of the year. We are committed to deliver the best academic experience to you and your group.

Communication leads to Community!

Our priority is your expectations; that is why at AGLOCAM communication before, during and after the program is essential. Before programs start, we keep constant communication through virtual meetings and site visits from faculty (if desired and possible) in order to discuss program’s design, budget, logistics and the overall itinerary.

Program Design & Preparation

  • Itinerary is set up months before your departure from home and is thoroughly communicated with the staff of the visiting institution.
  • Pre-departure info sessions with staff and students are set up in order to maximize your understanding of safety procedures, legal matters, and what to expect in Costa Rica.
  • AGLOCAM takes care of every single detail before your arrival. What will you have to do? Follow our instructions, get your luggage ready and prepare for your adventure!

Why should you choose us?
  • Our programs include two bilingual site specialists accompanying the group 24/7.
  • Our accommodation options always involve pleasant and environmentally sustainable places rather than 5-star chain hotels.
  • Our learning and social atmosphere develops around safety, cleanliness and a homely attention.
  • The local transportation we use in all our programs possess all the safety requirements, insurance and knowledgeable drivers we need to travel around Costa Rica.
  • Our programs are characterized by exposing participants to SMEs within local communities, in order to exchange new ideas, strategies and procedures that benefit micro economies of the world.

All our short-term programs are customized to your academic goals, budget and interests; while we also ensure participants an enriching cultural awareness that only on-site visits offer.

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