Stefanny Castro – Biography

Stefanny Castro is the Founder and General Manager at AGLOCAM S.A. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Tourism from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Costa Rica and Central America, and an associate’s degree in Tourist Enterprises & Activities from Cartago Community College. During her academic and professional career she has attended several seminars, workshops and congresses in the fields of Relationship Marketing, Water Usage and Waste Disposal, Local Project Development, and Production of Renewable Energy. She has also been an expositor at Expotur Costa Rica, the travel trade-mart of Costa Rica and the region, for three consecutive years representing local brands and products, as well as the logistics coordinator during her third year. Her participation in the International Congress EcoEco Alternatives by Neotropica Foundation in 2014 provided her with deeper knowledge on ecological economics where the unifying aspect looked at the importance of improving right alternatives for the ecosystems and communities in Latin America. Ten years before AGLOCAM started, she developed her professional career in the tourism sector through private companies ranging from hotels, travel agencies and tour operators. Her education and passion towards sustainable development and transformational learning led her to international education, specifically oriented to promoting global consciousness and a call-to-action. The programs she designs focus on understanding renewable energies, agroecology production systems, mangroves and wetlands protection, economic sustainable living, the development of green businesses, among others.

She has always encouraged people to develop leadership and effective communication skills as well as enthusiasm to discover the wonders of life and our planet.

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