Mangroves Protection Program

Mangroves Protection Program: $3200

The Mangroves Protection Program is a 13-day comprehensive and experiential overview of the mangrove and wetland ecosystems in Costa Rica. We work in cooperation with Fundación Neotrópica to educate students on how mangrove and wetland ecosystems are protected. Learn about the social and environmental challenges faced when preserve wildlife reserves. In cooperation with Fundación Neotrópica, we provide a transformative and educational methodology that combines a first-hand analysis of different social and environmental realities in the Osa Peninsula. This is a hands-on work oriented particularly towards community-based conservation initiatives.

A 40% indoor and 60% outdoor Program where students will…

    • Learn about historical, social and cultural characteristics of the areas visited through several class discussions and case analyses.
    • Identify short or long term benefits of community conservation initiatives that are taking place in different regions.
    • Acknowledge the importance of acting in environmentally sustainable and constructive ways by participating in community projects.
    • Develop sustainable proposals that could contribute to the improvement in conservation of mangroves and wetlands in Costa Rica and other parts of the world.

The Mangroves Protection Program is completely coordinated with Fundación Neotrópica and includes…

    • Dynamic class sessions on topics like: Costa Rican biodiversity, social and environmental aspects, mangrove ecosystems, Costa Rica`s National Parks, the Blue Flag Program, and others.
    • Site visits: Mangroves and Wetlands in the Osa Peninsula.
    • Experiential community service work: direct interaction with communities, local organizations and/or schools.
    • Cultural immersion: practicing Spanish, exploring Costa Rican traditions, experiencing local Cuisine and Latino dancing. We can accommodate vegetarian and special diets.
    • Adventurous Activities: include primary forest hikes, beach trips, boat tours, snorkeling, waterfall excursions, and more.
    • Lodging in various locations throughout the program.
    • All in-country transportation.
    • Post program letters of recommendation and certificates of participation.

Credits: Fundación Neotrópica . All rights reserved. Total or partial reproduction of the contents of this program and the related images without permission is forbidden.