Agroecology Program

Agroecology Program: $3350

This is a 13-day comprehensive overview of the sustainable production systems in Costa Rica. Food production should not be seen just as a business; it must be an act towards sustainability. The Agroecology program focuses on identifying and creating innovative food production systems that supply healthy and sustainable grown food products. The program provides information on working methods, conservation alternatives, and sustainable production systems aimed to improving agriculture. Participants will learn about sustainable practices and living habitats to preserve nature and enhance ecosystems. The program also includes interactive lectures about important and related matters, site visits to different farm plantations and small eco-friendly businesses related to agroecology.

The reduction emphasis is no longer a solution; we need better methods, innovative ideas and scientific approaches to improve our global agricultural systems.

A 40% indoor and 60% outdoor Program where students will…

    • Show understanding of Tropical Conventional Agriculture; its Impact on natural resources (water, soil, flora and fauna) and on Costa Rican social and industrial development.
    • Compare high-input tropical agricultural systems with more agro-ecological production systems.
    • Identify friendly practices, organic, sustainable, and mixed systems.
    • Show understanding of the concept of Mixed Tropical Gardens and Permaculture.
    • Show understanding of Population Interactions in Tropical Agricultural Systems.
    • Design and develop Sustainable Agroecosystems based on real life examples.
    • Discuss study cases and examples while applying concepts and evaluating possible alternatives to develop a living sustainable project for a local farmer.
    • Evaluate the project proposed based on the concepts of efficiency, productivity and variability.
    • Describe the economic and social impact the proposed project may result in due to the execution of it as a real life project.

This full packed educational experience includes:

    • Dynamic class sessions: on topics of Agriculture and Ecology (history, production systems, technology, Ecological-impact, Costa Rica, and more), Agroecosystems, Technology and Agroecology, among others.
    • Site visits: private eco farms and reforestation areas, eco-friendly production systems, organic pineapple production plant and much more.
    • Community service work: direct interaction with communities, local organizations and/or schools.
    • Cultural Immersion: involves Spanish language practice, exploration of Costa Rican traditions, local Cuisine and Latino dances. We accommodate to vegetarian and other special diets.
    • Adventurous Activities: hikes, boat rides, hot springs, kayaking, beaches, and more.
    • Lodging in various locations throughout the program.
    • All in-country transportation.
    • Post program letters of recommendation and certificates of participation.